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in terms of sustained wind speeds. we also heard from the federal government about their inclination to close federal offices which they ultimately today and we heard from power companies expressing concern about their ability to maintain power. those three things led us to this decision to suspend all metrorail and metro bus service as well as metro access service all day on monday and what customers can expect is we'll make an announcement late this evening, probably around -- well, this evening probably around 6:00 off 7:00 about what to expect for tomorrow. >> i guess everybody will understand that the conditions are just going to worsen as howard has been telling us, and it's probably going to be the case that everything will be shut down tomorrow as well. >> well, yeah. we're going to make those decisions based on our damage assessment and based on what we hear from the region and what the federal government does. but if these forecasts are consistent and we're hearing the same thing as howard is reporting, it's likely that we may have service affects and impacts that continue
want to make sure that people have realistic expectations but i can promise you the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials and we won't quit until this is done. >> reporter: i think this image is probably the one that sticks with me the most. just home after home buried in sand. entire neighborhoods completely wiped out. and for the people who live there, it's slowly sinking in that everything in these coastal communities that they've grown to love, it's all going to have to be rebuilt but safety first. and in most of these coastal communities every city you go to, city after city, all you can hear is the hissing of natural gas. residents there very concerned about the chance for even more fires and we've already seen how bad that can be in new york city. we'll have more on that destruction there especially in the breezy point neighborhood coming up at 6:30. >> we were talking -- you can't even get trailers for people to stay in as temporary housing because there's no infrastructure and you've got to clear away all of that debris. >
and consumer confidence as well as jobs. the gains are a prelude to the government's monthly jobs report which will be released before the opening bell this morning. >>> according to adp. yesterday private employers added 158,000 jobs in october. that beat economists' forecasts by 15,000 positions. the labor department says first time unemployment claims fell by 9,000 last week to 363,000. but more than three million americans continued filing for unemployment benefits last week. again, the government releases its official monthly jobs report this morning, last major jobs report before the polls. >>> starbucks says its sales grew and that dividends are going up too. the company says existing stores saw a 6% increase in sales and it increased the dividends to 21 cents a share from 17 cents. this is good news. the company is attributing the results to the sluggish global economy. next year they plan to open 600 new stores. this in the asia pacific region and just last month the company opened its first location in india. >>> and during the recession, that's about how many stores they closed abou
to suspend train and bus service for a second morning. the federal government remains closed again today along with wall street. >>> good morning. you're watching 9 news now. at 6:00. >> mike is a little sick. he just lost his voice yesterday. he should be back shortly. >> he's here in spirit. >> and body. >> yeah . >> monica, we'll have time saver traffic. we keep saying we're not out of the woods yet. howard, what does that mean in terms of weather? >> heavy rain this morning. winds still a couple spots gusting to 40. compared to yesterday this is much, must have better. maybe 30, 35 mile an hour winds. the other problem today, the cold. it's chilly out. >> you need your gloves this morning. >> i just hope their water proof. you need to stay dry. we still have rain falling this morning. expect the rain this morning. the southwest winds at 26, gusting 30, maybe 35 or so. it's still going to be a rough dayment -- day. for folks without power they need the fireplace to stay warm. those winds were amazing yesterday. here's a sample of the highest wind gusts. 79 at the thomas lighthouse
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4